A wide selection of fresh fruits & vegetables, grown by our local farmers or sourced from all four corners of the world.
Our brands:


We work closely with Harvey Beef and Wammco in Australia, to provide our customers with quality beef and lamb.

We also import a selection of quality artisanal charcuterie from Europe’s finest butchers!

Our brands:


From traditional free-range chicken to capon, turkey, duck magret and foie gras, our poultry offering includes a variety of quality products.


We buy directly from, or as close as possible to, local producers.

Norwegian or Scottish salmon, caviar from Madagascar, oysters from Cancale, Indonesian soft shell crab and Canadian lobster…

Our partners:


Our range of dairy products include butter, cream and cheese, from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and England.

Amongst them, old time favourites as well as more eclectic ones, including soft cheeses with bloomy or washed rind, blue-veined and pressed cheeses.

We also offer a selection of organic cheeses.

Our partners:


We offer our customers and Chefs culinary specialities from Mexico, Japan, Spain and Peru, as well as a selection of Kosher products.

Nos marques :

A variety of Mexican products including tortillas, nachos and tacos, as well as guacamole and chipotle peppers, Bomba and savage rice, amongst others.

A large selection of fresh or frozen products, including Indonesian soft shell crab, unagi, edamame, sushi, cuttlefish, goma wakame, hidjiki, tobiko (orange, green or black), orange tosago wasabi, amongst others.

We also offer dry products like soy sauce or paste, as well as sushi nori leaves.

Our range of Spanish products comprises various cheeses and charcuteries, as well as olives, anchovies and octopus, amongst others.

We provide various Kosher products meeting the needs of our Jewish compatriots; beef, chicken, duck…

Kosher dairy and dry products are also available year-round!


Our delicatessen offering comprises a wide variety of products destined to the most discerning chefs and pleasing the pallets of gourmet foodies.

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In collaboration with Vegan Finest Foods, we offer a large selection of vegan products. Plant-based alternatives to beef, chicken, pork and fish, as well as substitutes for dairy products like milk and cheese.

You can also enjoy our range of sauces!

Our brands: